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Cosmoport Centre Rules of Visit.

To ensure safe and enjoyable experience during your visit to Cosmoport Centre ( hereinafter Centre), please respect  the following rules:

Terms and Definitions:

Administration –  official individuals who carry out operational management of the Centre.
Ticket – a document purchased at the cash desk or on the Center’s website, certifying the Visitor’s right to visit the entertainment Centre.
Playing area –  the Centre venue equiped with attractions and interactive installations.
Visitor – an individual who purchases the ticket and/or a minor in whose favor the ticket is purchased.

The Rules:

– It is prohibited to carry large goods, groccery products and soiling clothes in the Centre.

– It is prohibited to bring into the Centre any kind of weapon, flammable and explosive materials, piercing, cutting objects and objects that can be used to injure

-It is prohibited to consume alchogol and drung as well as visit the Centre under  drug and alchogol intoxication.

– Smoking and Vaping is prohibited on the territory of the shopping center

-During the visti to the Centre, Visitors are obliged to follow and maintain the public order, generally accepted norms of behavior and fire safety rules. Any form of cruelty, violence and aggression is prohibited. Visitors are obliged to behave respectfully towards other Visitors, service personnel and employees and Administration of the Centre.

– Parents are fully  responsible for the actions and behavior of their children on the territory of the Centre.

– The Administration is not responsible for any  accident caused by violation of the Centre rules of visit  by the Visitors. .

– In the event when the behavior of the Visitor at the Centre creates inconvenience of the other Visitors of the Centre, the Administration of the Centre has all the rights to refuse to provide services to this Visitor and ask for the Visitor to immediately leave the Centre.

– The Administration of the Centre has the right to establish additional rules to ensure the safety of visitors.

– The Administration urges Visitors to take good care of the property of the Center and other Visitors.

-Visitors should on themselves, based on the state of their health and the health of their child, determine the degree of any risks when visiting the Centre.

– The Administration of the Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items of the Visitors.

By purchasing a Ticket, the Visitor agrees to fully accept and comply with the Rules of the Centre.